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Divine Purpose Magazine

Do you think you have what it takes to help someone discover and walk in their divine purpose which is the perfect will of God for their lives?

Do you have what it takes to transform lives and propel persons to pursue God's perfect will for their lives?


Submit your writing that motivates inspires and guides persons on the path of living according to God's divine purpose.

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Divine Purpose Blog

Contributions to the DIVINE PURPOSE BLOG will be accepted on a weekly basis and will follow the same submission guidelines for the magazine's articles. The stipulated word count for blog articles are 350-500 words.

Your submission should be focused on one of the following topic areas:

  • Living a purpose-driven life
  • Walking in God's will
  • Balanced Christianity (physical, emotional, financial, social)
  • Stories/Testimonies of overcoming in God
Executive Bio & Photo:

Include a 3-5 sentence bio with website link and social media handle information. A hi-res photo (300 dpi) of the blogger must also be provided.

Submissions must be sent via email to editorial@divinepurposemagazine.com.