Spotlight Feature (Christian Authors Package)

The SPOTLIGHT FEATURE is a sister publication to The Divine Purpose Magazine and is published by six times a year by Divine Purpose Publishing. The feature is designed to help authors get their messages to new audiences who are waiting on their message and ministry around the world.

The SPOTLIGHT FEATURE is not just a mini-magazine; it's an opportunity to showcase one's ministry and message, and allows you to spot your light across the globe. It is an opportunity to reach an audience of over 18,000 Christians around the world. The feature is based on Matthew 5:14. it's also a brand building experience.

This 14-page feature will allow authors to shoecase their:

  • Picture/Brand and details on the cover
  • Testimony
  • Work done in the body of Christ and community at large
  • Events hosted (seminars, conferences, podcasts etc.)
  • Courses delivered
  • Advertisements (book or upcoming event)
  • Messages to the body of Christ
  • Contact details and more!

This feature also includes a coaching opportunity offered by Elevation Coach, Vicki L. Otaruyina who is also an author, publisher and speaker.

Spotlight Feature Minister Stacy-Ann Garvey